Planning – The key to your success

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We’ve all heard the saying “people don’t plan to fail they just fail to plan”. Have you really heeded this advice and have a plan in place to reach your goals or are you aimlessly figuring out what to do in your head still?

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Traffic Results For Alex Jeffreys Contest

The contest has officially ended and I am going to share my statistics from Google Analytics as well as a lesson that I have learned throughout this whole process, well actually a couple of lessons.

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Traffic To My Blog – Update

With one more week to go in the contest for Alex Jeffreys coaching students it is crunch time for everyone. It’s also a reminder to keep the momentum going and to simply take action. As promised, here is an update to what I have done this past week as well as a special surprise at the end.

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Who wants targeted traffic to their website? Well I’m going to be one of those people that answers a question with a question. Who doesn’t want targeted traffic to their website? After all traffic is the source to making any kind of money on the internet and better yet if you get targeted traffic than you will start to see the money rolling in faster, as long as you have a great offer that will provide value to others.

Alex Jeffreys, my coach and mentor has challenged his latest coaching students to a contest to drive traffic not to the free webinar for our Easy Cash Webinar product but to our blogs. He has done this because he knows as newbies to internet marketing it is all about building an online presence and what better way to do that than to drive visitors wanting to know about us to our blogs in which we share our story, experiences and overall journey in the internet marketing world. This will be the key to our success as we will be building valuable relationships that everyone will be able to benefit from and also people like to buy from people who they know, like and trust.

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Having been in internet marketing for only two months I thought I had it really bad as I was searching endlessly for the latest and greatest product that promised me riches and spending countless hours to do so, not to mention lots of money too. In actuality I was driving myself insane. Even though I knew better I was still spinning my wheels and could just not find a way out.

Discovering who Alex Jeffreys was

Along comes one of many emails I received on a daily basis and when I clicked to open it a catchy title caught my eye “Guru’s Nightmare” it read. “WOW” I thought to myself “I like the title, I wonder what it’s about”? I then proceeded to download this free report and as I read all 95 pages of it I was totally in awe. The way it was written was very conversational, as if Alex and I were in a room together and he was talking directly to me. I didn’t know what to expect after I read it as I still wasn’t sure what he was selling at that point. I knew one thing though and that was I was going to watch how he was going to market to me because I really wanted to learn from this guy.

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My Brand

When coming up for a domain name for this blog, I thought about getting as my mentor Alex suggests but I also thought about how the name for his blog was a good concept and I wanted to copy the same for mine. For Alex, he said he was actually going to get but that was already taken so he had to think of another name. He was right on point with the name for his blog though as it has helped many people for the last couple of years be a success online and he has definitely made a name for himself.

In the Guru’s Nightmare report that I read by Alex Jeffreys which brought me to be a coaching student of his he mentions that the time is now for all the hypey guru’s out there to be crushed by the up and coming newbies as it really is the time to be serious and add true value to the lives of others as opposed to just selling crappy stuff out there to just make a buck. He mentions that with social media you really have to be a genuine person and care because if not than your name will be blasted and your reputation destroyed.

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The start of a new life

“The start of a new life” is the title of my first diary entry as I take this new journey into the life of an internet marketer. I have created a diary offline that is a simple notebook that I use to write in daily to capture my thoughts. You see I truly believe there is money to be made on the internet as long as you have the right system in place and you take consistent action.

My goal for this blog is to give insight to others about my internet marketing journey in hopes that they can relate and that they use the information I provide for their benefit and to enhance their own lives.

In the world of internet marketing I have found that there is too much hype out there. Often times you hear and see promises of riches overnight or be a millionaire next month! Because there are a lot of people, including myself that want so badly to see a change, we buy into this hype only to realize that we’ve wasted more money than we had to begin with and the only lesson we learned is to go out there again and find another way to make the money we so badly need. It becomes a bad cycle we go through and for some reason or another we are so caught up in it that we don’t know how to get out. It is said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well how do you expect to change if you keep doing the same thing? So literally we’ve been driving ourselves insane for however long we’ve been trying to make money with no results to show for it.

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