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The traffic contest for the Marketing with Alex students had come to an end a couple of weeks ago but the winner was just recently announced and I would like to congratulate Sally Neill for a job well done. She deserves it as she was working so hard and had gotten over 3,000 visitors to her blog within the contest period which is absolutely AMAZING!

Now that it is over I have been busy with continuing to blog hop and comment which has been time consuming but well worth it as I wouldn’t have come across the two interviews I had done on outsourcing. In addition, I have been busy with writing my very own eBook which will be coming out shortly as the graphics are still being done as we speak. Finally, I have been focusing on building my list which is essential to internet marketing. After all how can you sell or provide information to someone if they haven’t opted in to receive information from you?

My struggles with list building

First off, I had no list prior to entering into Alex Jeffreys coaching program. I knew I had to start somewhere but how and with what? My list building efforts started with my blog of course but judging from the results (only have a total of 6 subscribers) after two months of my blog being up, I knew I had to do something else.

I then entered my first giveaway hosted by a fellow student and although she had given a free upgrade I still only received about 7 subscribers from that giveaway.

My next giveaway I decided to upgrade and paid $15. This giveaway was a little more well known and promoted so I was excited to gain about 28 subscribers from that. I was downgraded though because I did not promote it. The challenge being I didn’t have anyone to promote it to.

So total so far I had 41 subscribers.

I’ve heard of Adswaps before but a lot of people say that you need to have at least a minimum of 500 people on your list to start doing Adswaps. I thought to myself how many giveaways am I going to have to enter to reach 500 subscribers? Let’s say I did real good and averaged 50 subscribers per giveaway, it would still take me 9 giveaways to reach 500. Now I know you could do more than that in a giveaway but I was taking into consideration that I am still new to this and don’t even know what I’m doing so 50 is a good number for me!

Another challenge for giveaways is that they cost money to upgrade and you have to promote it or your gift will be downgraded. The costs vary for giveaways and whatever the amount is, if you times it by 9 it still comes out to be a hefty fee, something that I just don’t have the funds to invest in at the moment.

My discovery

As I was going through some bonus videos from the coaching program that I am in I took note of an Adswap channel that was recommended to us. I figured I would join to see what it was all about and at the very least just talk to some people who would give me some advice. It has been less than a week since I’ve joined and let me tell you I am so excited that I did!

The channel is run by a successful internet marketer by the name of Rodger Hyatt. He has been an internet marketer for the last five years and has built a list of over 40K subscribers! In addition he has hosted a slew of excellent giveaway events and has helped countless people with their list building efforts. He is pictured here with Alex Jeffreys at an event that happened this past January in Las Vegas.

When I entered the channel I was surprised to see the names of the many members that are a part of this group. Let’s just say these are all experienced and professional marketers and most of them I was even subscribed to their list. It was kind of weird as here I was an inexperienced marketer and introducing myself as such and them asking how many people were on my list. All of them understood though that I was just like them at one point or another and in order to have a 5K, 10K or even 50K on your list you have to start with 1.

I was pleasantly surprised how friendly all of them were and their willingness to help. When I went in there I did not seem desperate at all. I just let them know who I was, my situation and from there I just began small talk. A couple of hours on the channel I was offered by someone to mail their list my adcopy and I was ecstatic! I emailed it to him at once and was just so thankful that he offered. He mailed his list (don’t know how many) but I got a total of 41 subscribers from that. I was happy with whatever he could give me as he had done it as favor and did not ask for anything in return. So basically with the 41 from that as well as the others that I had gotten above I was at a total of 82 subscribers. Add to that the 6 subscribers from my interview and I have a total of 88 subscribers now. I have also spoken with another person that is willing to email their list for me as well and she will  be doing so in the next day or so.

In addition I have spoken to the man himself Rodger Hyatt and I cannot tell you how much of a help he has been for me. He is as real as you can get with internet marketing and he is straight and to the point. He will not lie to you when you ask him a question and he will truly give you his honest feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

Some quick tips and resources

I could write a whole book with what I have learned just from Rodger alone (really thinking about doing this) but will give you a brief overview so you can gain some knowledge as well.

  1. Start building your list immediately – Do not wait, this is very important, do not wait! If I had known this six months ago when I started than who knows how many people I would’ve had on my list by now. I was too busy trying to learn everything when all I needed to do was build my list.
  2. Switch from Aweber to, this company is a wholesaler for Aweber but what they offer is better as you only pay $19.95 for a list of up to 10,000 whereas if you go directly with Aweber it’s only up to 500 and the price goes up after that.
  3. When putting up your Aweber forms (from Automate Your List) don’t use the Javascript snippet but use the HTML Version. The majority of people run Firefox and 90% of them download an Ad blocker that will block your opt-in form from being recognized so it’s better to just use the raw HTML Version to solve this problem.
  4. Resell Rights Weekly is THE best source to get all things PLR/RR related. You can use these to write your own unique articles, give them away as freebies on giveaways and even sell them as products. In addition, they have a ton of video tutorials that can you help you with anything internet marketing related. I highly recommend this and can’t say enough good things about it.
  5. Build your list by offering a wide variety of gifts. The more the better, no one leaves empty handed. Offer something on graphics, list building, email marketing etc. You want to gain trust from your list by offering something that is beneficial and valuable to them.

This post was kind of long but I think it was important to outline what I have gone through in my list building efforts and hopefully it has given you some tips on how to build and grow your list as well.

Please comment below and leave your feedback and if you liked this post than by all means retweet it as well!

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Outsourcing Interviews Revealed Thu, 08 Jul 2010 15:28:01 +0000 Anna Haller

As promised I am revealing my outsourcing interviews that I had done a couple of weeks ago. They both were an experience for me as one was audio and another was video. Oddly enough I found the video one easier. I thought the audio interview was going to be easier but I think with the video I really had to focus more as I was “on camera” the whole time. It’s not like I wasn’t focused on the audio interview though, it was just different.

My special guests

My first interview was with a guy by the name of Tyrone Shum. He hails from Australia and is a real cool laid back guy. I found it very easy to converse with him and found he has fast paced his internet marketing career by learning from the experts and applying it to his own business model thus propelling him forward. This is the key that has made him successful and is why he is now making over $10K a month online! He has also picked a niche that he is passionate about and has found a great way to communicate on his blog via videos which is a good strategy. As mentioned in the video, every time I visit his blog I always have a pen and paper handy because I really do learn a lot of great and valuable tips.

In the interview we discuss:

  • What his advice is to internet marketing newbies who don’t have the funds to outsource.
  • Tyrone’s experience with working with people from the Philippines.
  • The challenge of training your staff and how to overcome it.
  • And much much more!

Watch it now!

In addition, Tyrone discussed his Mass Outsource product in which he coaches his students. He hasn’t opened it back up again as he has finished with his first group already. He has however offered to open enrolling people for seven days that are interested and thus my reason for creating the squeeze page above. If after you have watched the interview and had a chance to go watch the 10 FREE videos that Tyrone provides here then let me or Tyrone know if you are interested in his coaching program and we would be glad to enroll you.

The tools I used for this interview

Tyrone was gracious enough to record our call for us so he actually hosted it and just provided me the finished interview with a link to it as well. The video was done in one take but unfortunately for us we lost connection at one point. We had to just stop and start off where we left off. I don’t think you can really tell from watching the video as it was edited to streamline and fit together.

We used Skype to connect with each other. We also both have Mac’s so he recommended to record calls on. You are able to do the split screen option, as you can tell from the video and also format it other different ways as well. Tyrone also added the text you see in the interview so he basically did mostly everything, what a nice guy!

Being the newbie that I am I struggle with the technical side of things like squeeze pages and what code to use and even editing them. I don’t even know where to begin to find all that stuff. Luckily for me I had been blog hopping a couple of weeks back and came upon Jonathan Beebe’s blog. There I found a ton of great information and especially liked the whole mission behind his blog which is “ethical advice on how to finally break free”. I came upon his free service that he offers called List Zen (cool name huh?) in which he offers tools to maximize the effectiveness of your list. Tools like newsletter landing pages, squeeze page creators and much more. I utilized the squeeze page creator which was a no brainer to create and it didn’t even require me knowing any code. I was able to create my squeeze page, confirmation page and download page with this service all in one easy to use platform. So if you go through the whole process and like what you see then definitely check out what Jonathan has to offer because I think it will help you at least start up some things and then build later on if you so choose to.

My second interview was with a guy by the name of Chris Ducker. He runs a Virtual Assistant Company in the Philippines and currently has over 200 employees and growing. He has been involved in this industry for the last ten years so he definitely knows what he is talking about. He is taking his company and his business to the next level so you may want to watch out for him because he is going to grow real fast real big. His whole concept is about having a virtual business lifestyle and his goal of becoming a full-time virtual CEO by the end of this year is awesome! If you don’t know what a virtual CEO is head on over to his blog to get more insights on this great lifestyle.

In the interview we discuss:

  • The differences between hiring someone from his company versus a free lancer or an independent contractor.
  • Tips for internet marketers who are starting out wanting to grow their online empire.
  • Talks about his blog and what his mission is behind it.
  • What the greatest reward is with running his own business.

Anna Haller Interviews Chris Ducker

The tools I used for this interview

We used Skype to connect. We just did an audio call so I had recorded the call via the tool Tyrone recommended above and it worked great for me. That was pretty much it for the audio call. We did it in one go and what you hear is exactly what happened, I did not edit it at all.

I want to thank both of my special guests for taking the time out of their busy schedules to share with us their knowledge on outsourcing which has become a huge topic right now, specifically to the Philippines. Hopefully you have gained some good insights on which direction to take in your business and that you will use this to your benefit. Do visit their blogs to learn more about them and follow what they are doing as they are ones to watch.

What do you think?

Please let me know your feedback, good or bad as these are my first interviews and anything I learn will be valuable to me moving forward.

Also, have you taken your own business to the next level by interviewing some experts in your chosen niche? It not only helps you build relationships but you also gain a ton of knowledge from them as well. So go out there take that big leap of faith and get rocking on some interviews. You will be glad you did!

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Do you wANT to succeed? Thu, 01 Jul 2010 08:44:31 +0000 Anna Haller

Succeed in internet marketingInspired by Alex Whalley’s post “Do you want FRIEndS with that?” plus my never ending ANT problem I have decided to write this post about being like ants except in the online world.

Let me explain.

You see ants have certain qualities that we need to possess if we want to succeed online. They are as follows:

  1. They are persistent little boogers! Just when you think you have gotten rid of them, they find a way to come back and they will continue to do so even when they are knocked down or wiped out again and again. They are focused on that sweet chocolate cookie, or in our case online profits, and they will not stop until they get it. When they encounter an obstacle they explore new routes, they will do this until they find the best path thus becoming successful in getting what they want.  We need to be like this also and know that no matter what gets in our way we need to pick ourselves back up and continue onward, even if it means changing paths so that we too can be rewarded with our own sweet chocolate cookie!
  2. They adapt to their environment. Ants form colonies that are nearly impossible to eliminate. One of the reasons why they have colonized almost every landmass on earth is their ability to adapt and modify their habitats. Being able to adapt is something we all must do especially in the online world. The world wide web changes daily and we definitely need to keep up with the times or we will fall behind. What has worked before in driving traffic may not work now or even five years from now. Although, there are certain key principals that stay the same the fact remains that we don’t know how much longer it will be around or the effectiveness of it. For example Social Media is taking the world by storm and is a force to be reckoned with. There is even a dedicated Social Media day which was June 30th. This is the new wave of the future and again we need to adapt in order to stay in the game and profit.
  3. They work together. Ants work together as a unified entity, collectively working to support their colony. One ant by itself would not be able to accomplish anything but when you have a bunch of them working together then they are powerful! If you read my recent post I talked about outsourcing and how it is important to leverage yourself. Not only will you get a lot of things done but it also frees up your time in order to do the things that you want to do. If you have the help of others than you cannot fail. Another way to work together is to develop a group of like minded people that share the same goals and aspirations as you. If you are involved in a coaching program like I am then you can find other students within that group to communicate and collaborate with. Otherwise there are different forums you could search for online in your chosen niche that you could join to meet with other like minded people. Additionally, blog commenting and being a regular reader of a couple of different blogs will help you grow relationships as well. There are countless ways of meeting people and connecting with them so get the support you need and work with others to accomplish your goals, it’s a win win situation for everyone.

So although ants have their ways about them and despite that they show up in my kitchen cabinet regularly, there are a lot of valuable lessons that we could learn from them. They are so tiny yet powerful and are a part of our life cycle and are here to stay. So do you have what it takes to be an ant in the online world to succeed? Establish your presence, be persistent, adapt to the changes around you and work together with others to let the world know you are a force to be reckoned with and are here to stay!

Update to my interviews

I know some of you may be curious about when I’m going to be posting the interviews I had done with the two outsourcing experts I had talked about in my last post. Well, I have conducted both interviews already and am in the process of creating a squeeze page for them. It is going to be FREE of course but wanted to capitalize on it by building my list and offering a one time offer for it. This was suggested by my coach Alex Jeffreys to one of my other fellow students Sally Neil when she had conducted her interview with David Walker. So please be patient with me and I will definitely keep you guys posted when it is ready.

A great resource

Lastly, I wanted to recommend you guys go check out my friend Janet Chandler, I call her Jaycee, who has just come out with an awesome FREE report about the Internet Millionaires Summit in London that happened a few weeks ago. She has taken MASSIVE action and devised this report on what she has learned and some notes she had taken from the speakers which of course are all millionaires so you definitely want to check this out to help you succeed online. It has definitely helped me out and I will be implementing some of the strategies she has outlined. Jaycee is a great story teller and writer which you can tell just by reading her posts. She is very passionate about what she does and is on a mission to succeed so that she can fulfill her greater purpose in life so drop her a visit and get this awesome report.

Share your thoughts

  • What are you doing to succeed online?
  • How are you establishing your online presence?
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Are you alone? Thu, 24 Jun 2010 05:46:28 +0000 Anna Haller

Alone in internet marketing

I like being alone and spending quality time with myself. I enjoy getting a thai massage and a green tea facial and even treating myself to a decadent chocolate cake at the local dessert shoppe. I also enjoy being curled up on a sofa sipping a glass of red wine and being totally captivated by the latest best selling novel. But I’m not talking about being alone in that sense, I’m talking about being alone in your online ventures.


Well that’s exactly what I’ve been feeling these last couple of weeks. Don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy my own company and find myself easy to get along with but lately I’ve been feeling burnt out because there is just so many things to do even after I had written my last post about planning, there are days that I just feel worn out.

If you’re like I am then you will work to get a task done no matter how long it takes. I am also very particular when doing things and like things a certain way. I had a problem with this in the corporate world where I always chose to do everything myself because at least if I did it myself then I knew it would get done.

Sound familiar?

Even though I knew it would take me longer I still opted to do it myself. To some people I was perceived as lacking patience but to others I was a go getter. The fact of the matter was that I was doing things that I could have easily delegated and potentially could have helped in teaching a new skill or gained extra practice to the person who actually did the task.

A change in mentality

As I moved up the corporate ladder I knew I couldn’t do everything myself, a lesson I’m realizing again now that I’m in internet marketing. I knew I had to utilize the skills of my staff in order to reach our goals. True there were some that had weaknesses but I utilized their strengths instead, thus resulting in a more productive team.

Another thing I had to have was belief in my staff that they could get the job done. It was only when I changed my mentality that I had a better outlook and attitude which then shifted my team into high gear to eventually reach our goals and succeed.

You see when starting out in the online world not only is there too much information to consume but there is the fact of taking action and where to begin. Should you start a blog first or do affiliate marketing? Should you concentrate on Adwords or Adsense and the list goes on and on. We think that we have to do everything ourselves so we start taking action on one thing and then something else catches our eye so we jump on that as well. We basically do a lot of starting and not finishing.

You are not alone

Like the late and great Michael Jackson said “you are not alone”. Even though you feel alone like I do, you really are not alone because there are a lot of people in the same boat that feel the same way. What we need to understand is that we cannot accomplish anything in life without the help of others. From Walt Disney, an international icon and philanthropist to Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players in the world, they did not achieve their success without the help of others. In fact, they would not have achieved their success if they didn’t have the help of others. It is something that we all know is evident yet something that we fail to utilize especially as we start out online.

A solution

It is said that the greatest resource that we have is our time. To some it may be truer than others because there are those that lack the funds but have the time whereas on the flip side of that there are people that have the money but not the time. Either way leveraging yourself is essential so you can eventually have both.

Obviously the best way to do this would be to outsource. Some people are hesitant about outsourcing or just don’t know where to start. Outsourcing can free up your time tremendously and allow you to do more of the things that you want to do. Are you wasting precious hours doing things that you can outsource others to do? Answering these questions will be the first steps in seeing if outsourcing is for you.

1. If I could outsource I could be _______ times more productive.

2. I currently have _______ amount of projects I’m working on now.

3. I spend _______ hours a day on my online business.

4. In order to replace myself I need _______ more of me.

Of course you are irreplaceable, but we’re talking about your workload here. Fill the questions above with a numerical value. Now look at your answers. If you answered between 0-4 on each question I would say you probably don’t need to outsource but it wouldn’t hurt to. If you answered 5-9 on each question I would think about outsourcing. If you answered double digits on all of them then it is definitely time to outsource!

A couple of surprises

Next week I will be interviewing two experts in the field of outsourcing. One guy has a successful outsourcing company in the Philippines and the other is a highly motivated and passionate internet marketer who makes over $10K a month and he outsources to the Philippines. Who are they? Well you have to stay tuned until next week when they will be revealed. Want to guess? Feel free to leave a comment below (excluding my fellow MWA students who already know).

So don’t be alone so you could be alone. Does that make sense? What I mean is don’t be alone with your online ventures because once you find a good outsourcer you can spend the much needed “me” or alone time that you so rightly deserve!

You’re turn

What about you, are you alone? Please share your thoughts and comments below as well as any questions you may have in regards to outsourcing.

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Planning – The key to your success Thu, 17 Jun 2010 06:26:14 +0000 Anna Haller

We’ve all heard the saying “people don’t plan to fail they just fail to plan”. Have you really heeded this advice and have a plan in place to reach your goals or are you aimlessly figuring out what to do in your head still?

Planning is essential in all aspects of life. It helps you stay on track with your goals and propels you to take action. We have been planning all our lives if you think about it, just not in the sense of the way we perceive planning to be.

Planning is thinking about a desired goal and the action and/or activities that you are going to do to reach them. It is however, one thing to think about them in your head but it’s another to actually write them down and have a clear and concise road map in place. In addition, when you plan, you are making time limits for yourself which in turn forces you to take action.

I like to relate it to going to a place you’ve never been before. Would you just get in your car and drive to your destination without any directions? There is a possibility, notice I say possibility that you will get there if you stop and ask for directions or just follow the signs. On the other hand you might not get there at all or even end up on the opposite side of where you intended to be. However, if we had a set of directions or a plan to get to our destination then we would’ve arrived sooner. Don’t get me wrong, there will be distractions and roadblocks along the way and your plans may have to change but as long as you keep in mind of what your future should look like and what you want out of life then you will make plans to get there no matter what.

I have recorded a three part video on what has helped me plan my day more effectively. Once I started implementing these to my daily routine I have found that they have made me more productive. Consistency is important so don’t forget to really take the time every day to plan for tomorrow. So unlock the key to your success and start planning!

Of course these are what have helped me but what about you? Do you have any other techniques or methods in planning that have worked for you? Please share your comments below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Traffic Results For Alex Jeffreys Contest Tue, 08 Jun 2010 15:37:41 +0000 Anna Haller

The contest has officially ended and I am going to share my statistics from Google Analytics as well as a lesson that I have learned throughout this whole process, well actually a couple of lessons.

Here are my stats:

My visitors last week were 661. I had expected around 1,000 total visitors by the end of the contest so I didn’t do too bad in reaching that goal. The main thing is that I have a consistent flow of traffic and that is what I am most happy about.

What I had committed to last week was:

  1. More oil rig hopping to other internet marketing blogs – This I have become accustomed to and spend around 1-2 hours a day on. It is time consuming as you have to read all the posts as well as think of something valuable to put on your comment because you do not want to come off as spamming people and like Alex says “pimping” your own blog.
  2. Get more active in other internet marketing forums – I was not active on other forums but was still active on the forum for the coaching students. There is a fellow student of mine named Nick Stentiford who actually just received 6 subscribers in one day from being active in the Warrior Forum so it’s really been helping him and I need to definitely get in there and participate myself.
  3. Post 3 more articles on Ezine by the end of this week – Did not get this accomplished.
  4. Guest post to 1-2 more blogs by the end of the contest – Did not get this accomplished.
  5. Record another video and post it to YouTube by the end of the contest – Did not get this accomplished.

As you can see from my list above I did not accomplish three out of the five things that I had set out to do. What is the reason I here you ask? Is it because I didn’t feel that these were not important so I didn’t do them? No, that was not the case at all. Is it because I didn’t have the time to do them? Nope, not that either. It is because plans change and stuff happens which is one of the lessons I had realized this week. I had put these tasks on my daily to do sheets but they just kept getting pushed back by other things I did which I’ll let you know about in a minute. In addition, this past week was a very busy week for me as my son had his 9th birthday bash on Wednesday plus last week was the week before school started for the kids so I was busy getting their uniforms, school supplies and all the other things that they needed. Yes, the school year in the Philippines starts in June. These are not excuses by any means but the lesson that I learned which I hope you learn as well is that it’s ok if you don’t get everything accomplished that you had planned to. It’s also ok to take some time out for yourself, take a break, relax and have fun. I certainly did on the day of my son’s party as well as the day after. I had stayed up till the wee hours of the morning having fun times with my friends and decided to just chill out the following day. It was time that I needed for myself as I had been working really hard the last couple of weeks and was feeling really burnt out.

So what did I do instead:

  1. Created a personal Twitter account – You can find me here if you want to follow me. I just joined a week ago and as suggested by coach Alex we should primarily use Twitter to build relationships, although there are a lot of people who just spam it by automating it and getting a massive following then just sending out links to whatever they are trying to promote. I’m not saying automating is not a good idea, but I am trying it this way at the moment as I really do want to build good relationships with people. I have added people in the internet marketing niche, specifically the ones that Alex is following too and also my fellow students. I’m only following 27 people right now and have 229 followers so far just within a weeks time.
  2. I have recently begun studying Maria Andros and the way that she markets – For those that don’t know her just look her up and you’ll find her all over the place. She is specifically known as the “video marketing queen” which is her brand and suits her very well. She is so captivating and genuine and she really wants to help people. I was drawn to her because she is a woman entrepreneur and she wants to empower more women and like she says she wants to shake up this industry a bit. She feels there are not enough women stepping up to the plate and playing until now. I can relate to her and if I could have the success that she has that would be so amazing! I had added her to my Twitter account and had begun watching all of her videos on her YouTube channel. I had tweeted her a public message to say that I was watching all of her videos and that she was amazing. Well she then sent me a direct message saying “Thankyou Anna :) glad you are enjoying the videos :) Maria”. I thought wow how cool is that, she sent me a direct message. I don’t think that was automated so it felt really good to have her reply to me. I will be continuing to study how she markets because she is definitely doing the right things.
  3. Signed up to – On the coaching call that we had last week Alex mentioned creating a separate email account just so that we could go and subscribe to other guru’s list and see how they market, what they are selling as well as the emails they are sending out. I decided to start with Mike Filsaime as he is considered the godfather of internet marketing. After navigating through his website I found a list building service that he is offering and it had a free version in which I took advantage of. I can’t say that it has brought me traffic as yet but I have received a ton of emails from other people that are in the program that are promoting their own stuff or affiliate products. The system works by referring others and as you refer others you are allowed to start emailing other people in the program about your offer. I do not know how effective it is as this is my first time hearing and signing up for something like this but we shall see in due time.
  4. Joined a JV Giveaway – A fellow student of mine, Julie Fletcher is holding her own JV Giveaway event which I signed up to be a contributor. This will be my very first giveaway that I participated in and am anxious to find out how it turns out. I spent most of my day yesterday on a steep learning curve by putting up my 3 free gifts. Julie has graciously upgraded her fellow students for free. It took me awhile to learn how to do it but now just need to put my offers up too. I really need to focus on building my list and people say that this is a surefire way to start building your list if you don’t have one. I have been putting this off for awhile and am glad I have taken that step and now will look into entering more giveaways.

So although I didn’t do the things that I had set out to do I supplemented them with things that I knew needed to be done like list building and enrolling in the giveaway before it went live. Overall I am happy with the traffic I received and am thankful for all of my fellow students who came and visited my blog and left encouraging comments that kept me going. Lastly, it brings me to the last lesson I learned which this quote from the movie Field of Dreams says it best “If you build it, they will come”! I have worked hard for the last couple of weeks building my blog and am happy with my results thus far as I have built some great relationships and provided some value to my readers which is what it is all about. People have started coming and the traffic has been consistent. I will continue to build my blog and provide as much value as I can and I invite you to continue with me on this journey.

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Traffic To My Blog – Update Mon, 31 May 2010 08:50:37 +0000 Anna Haller

With one more week to go in the contest for Alex Jeffreys coaching students it is crunch time for everyone. It’s also a reminder to keep the momentum going and to simply take action. As promised, here is an update to what I have done this past week as well as a special surprise at the end.

To start off with I’d like to share what my Google Analytics stats are as of me writing this post:

As you can see from the stats I actually doubled my visits in a weeks time from 332 to 661. Not bad considering it took me two weeks to get to 332. In addition, the highest I got as far as visitors are concerned was on Thursday May 27 which was expected as I did something which I’ll tell you in about in a little bit that caused that. I received 108 visitors that day.

So what have I been doing?

This is what I had committed to last week when I set my goals:

  1. More oil-rig hopping but to other internet marketing blogs – I didn’t do as much as I wanted but I still managed to dedicate about an hour to two hours a day on this.
  2. Guest posting to at least 3-5 other blogs by the end of the contest – This is what caused the increase in traffic for me! I sent three emails on Sunday to guest post on some blogs I had discovered back in January. They were blogs pertaining to living in the Philippines, specifically geared towards expats and or retirees, which you’ll find a lot of here in this beautiful tropical island. I got responses to two of them the next day and they both agreed so I started writing two different articles for both sites. I spent most of my Monday on this as I had promised to have it to them the next day. You can find one of my posts at Live In The Philippines. According to Alexa this site is ranked 4,577 in the Philippines and 116,795 in the US. They have a loyal readership as you can tell by the comments. I want to thank Bob Martin for allowing me to post on his blog. He has even offered to allow me to write a weekly article too which I am seriously thinking about. As a side note the idea for the picture was all Bob, he asked me for a couple of photos but I didn’t realize he was going to plaster the huge one right in the middle of the article:) The next blog I posted to was Untwisted Vortex. According to Alexa this site is ranked 2,505 in the Philippines and 59,964 in the US. It’s interesting though as I had thought I would get more traffic from Untwisted Vortex as well as more comments but the opposite is true. I had quite a few people comment to my Live In The Philippines article but not to the other one. Also, I have received a total of 108 visitors from Live In The Philippines and not much from the other. My post for Live In The Philippines was published on Thursday May 27, which is what caused the increase in traffic that day. So if you ask me guest posting does really work in driving traffic to your blog. Go out and find blogs in your niche or with a different spin on it like I did and ask if you can guest post. Simple and easy.
  3. Submit my articles to Ezine and write 3 more by the end of this week – I had submitted the three articles I had on this current blog along with 4 other articles that I wrote. Unfortunately only 2 of them got accepted and I will have to work on tweaking the other 5 that got denied. The ones that got denied were because they do not allow the promotion of your company or product in the article body. I did manage to write another article which is still pending at the moment so we’ll see how that goes. Have not had a lot of page views on my live articles but I’m sure traffic will trickle in sooner or later.
  4. Record a video and post it to YouTube and my blog by the end of this week – YES, I finally did it, I recorded a video! Not the best quality as I tried using my webcam on my Mac but that just wasn’t working out so I enlisted my 8 year old, soon to be 9 years old in two days, to help me record the video with the video option on our camera. That could be why the quality looks the way it does. I must invest in a better camera, either that or just try to do it with my Mac. It is live on YouTube.
  5. Create a Squidoo lens page by the end of this week - I created my Squidoo page with only one lens so far but I’m glad I went in and actually created one. It’s a step in the right direction. I plan on writing more lenses though. Not sure if I am receiving traffic from this source at this point but again it’s one of those things that we’ll just have to wait and see.

Tactics I will be implementing this week

  1. More oil rig hopping to other internet marketing blogs.
  2. Get more active in other internet marketing forums.
  3. Post 3 more articles on Ezine by the end of this week.
  4. Guest post to 1-2 more blogs by the end of the contest.
  5. Record another video and post it to YouTube by the end of the contest.

So there you have it, all of the things that have been keeping me busy this past week. I know one big question everyone may be having is if I have made any sales yet? The answer to that question is no not yet. At this point I am building my reputation so to speak and sharing my journey into internet marketing, which is a real one at that. That is the whole point to me documenting this. It’s to let everyone out there know that this is not an easy road. It takes hard work, determination, perseverance, a focused mindset, planning, implementing, and basically everything you have in you. This is a test to see if you have what it takes to follow through and stick with it. So don’t cave in because success is just around the corner. Prove you are worth it and push through every obstacle that comes along and eventually your dream will be realized.

And now my surprise to you, the video that I recorded. This is my first video, one of many that I will be recording. You can definitely see where I edited the video. If you ask my son, he says it’s his “masterpiece” (so sweet). Enjoy!

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Contest for Alex Jeffreys Coaching Students Sun, 23 May 2010 05:33:37 +0000 Anna Haller

Who wants targeted traffic to their website? Well I’m going to be one of those people that answers a question with a question. Who doesn’t want targeted traffic to their website? After all traffic is the source to making any kind of money on the internet and better yet if you get targeted traffic than you will start to see the money rolling in faster, as long as you have a great offer that will provide value to others.

Alex Jeffreys, my coach and mentor has challenged his latest coaching students to a contest to drive traffic not to the free webinar for our Easy Cash Webinar product but to our blogs. He has done this because he knows as newbies to internet marketing it is all about building an online presence and what better way to do that than to drive visitors wanting to know about us to our blogs in which we share our story, experiences and overall journey in the internet marketing world. This will be the key to our success as we will be building valuable relationships that everyone will be able to benefit from and also people like to buy from people who they know, like and trust.

Alex introduced the contest to us on a webinar that he hosted Monday May 10, 2010. Here are the details:

The Competition

  • Drive as much traffic to our blog in a 4 week period, starting May 10 – June 7

The Prize

  • A total makeover of our blog, along with a unique profit pulling platform made just for us, a value worth over $2,000

The Rules

  • Have to show proof through our Google Analytics stats
  • Have to write on my blog how I’m getting traffic

We are 14 days into the contest with 15 days to go so we are in the halfway mark. I didn’t have a blog set up before the contest and the following day after he told us about the contest I immediately put my blog up. My first post was written on May 11th. I have written two other posts along with my story on my “about Anna” page and I have received so much support through comments from my fellow students which I am very thankful for. Thank you to all my fellow students for your encouragement and your interest in what I have to say! We have an absolutely great community and I know we will continue to grow, learn and succeed with each other. On top of that Mr. Alex Jeffreys himself came to visit my blog and left an awesome comment on my first post which has also encouraged me.

So lets get down to it! First let me show you my Google Analytics stats as of me writing this post. Here they are:

I’m not a stat genius but I’m pretty happy with my results so far. It’s a lot more than I’ve gotten on a couple of other blogs that I’ve put up, especially with only having it up for less than two weeks. In addition, I’ve really only concentrated on a couple of things to drive this traffic.

My traffic tactics thus far

  1. Forum Marketing – I started this on the forum Alex has solely for his coaching students. We didn’t have access to it until the same week he told us about the contest so along with building my blog I got active on the forum to help people as much as I can as well as encourage them and just cheer them on. I am not an expert by any means but being able to share what little knowledge I have to someone else makes all the difference in the world to me. In addition, I recently just signed up to the Warrior Forum a couple of days ago and I have to tell you, it takes a lot of time to read through all the posts people have because there are just so many people on it. Plus, it’s not as intimate and personal as the forum Alex has but it’s still a good way to meet other internet marketers.
  2. Oil Rig Hopping (aka visiting other blogs and commenting) – This is where I would say 80% of my time is spent on. I have commented to the blogs of most of the students in the class as I think it is always nice to support each other. In addition I have went to the resource Alex has given us for the Internet Marketing Top Blogs and made some comments. I didn’t do a lot of these but I hope to do more this coming week.
  3. On May 20 I submitted my blog to the following blog directories: Yahoo, Eaton Web, Blog Frog, Blog Flux, My Blog Log, Blogged, Blog Catalog, & Liquida.
  4. On May 21 I signed up for a Feedburner RSS Feed and submitted my RSS Feed to: Guzzle, WeBlogALot, Blogoriffic, Feedzie, Feed Nuts, Xmeta, Hot vs. Not, Solar Warp, RSS Network, Technorati, Blog Digger & Globe of Blogs.

Please keep in mind that the blog directories and rss directories I have listed are just some of the many directories they have out there. So choose which ones you like and submit to them.

Traffic tactics I will be implementing

  1. More oil-rig hopping but to other internet marketing blogs.
  2. Guest posting to at least 3-5 other blogs by the end of the contest.
  3. Submit my articles to Ezine and write 3 more by the end of this week.
  4. Record a video and post it to YouTube and my blog by the end of this week.
  5. Create a Squidoo lens page by the end of this week.

I will be implementing other traffic techniques as I learn them but I wanted to focus on just a couple at at a time. I will also update my status on the contest in a weeks time and also at the end of the contest to let you know where I stand.

I hope I have helped you in giving you some of the things I have implemented. This contest is an awesome way to spark action among the students but it can be applied to anyone wanting to get targeted traffic to their webiste or blog. Do understand that it does take time and as long as you make it a focus to work on getting traffic daily then you will have been farther down the road than you were to begin with so take action now! Also, if you have a unique way in which you drive traffic please share as we can all benefit from the information.

To your traffic success!

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Investing in Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program Mon, 17 May 2010 04:02:35 +0000 Anna Haller

Having been in internet marketing for only two months I thought I had it really bad as I was searching endlessly for the latest and greatest product that promised me riches and spending countless hours to do so, not to mention lots of money too. In actuality I was driving myself insane. Even though I knew better I was still spinning my wheels and could just not find a way out.

Discovering who Alex Jeffreys was

Along comes one of many emails I received on a daily basis and when I clicked to open it a catchy title caught my eye “Guru’s Nightmare” it read. “WOW” I thought to myself “I like the title, I wonder what it’s about”? I then proceeded to download this free report and as I read all 95 pages of it I was totally in awe. The way it was written was very conversational, as if Alex and I were in a room together and he was talking directly to me. I didn’t know what to expect after I read it as I still wasn’t sure what he was selling at that point. I knew one thing though and that was I was going to watch how he was going to market to me because I really wanted to learn from this guy.

I had received some emails from him and in a couple of days watched his short video introducing him opening the doors to his last coaching program – Marketing With Alex 3.0. I never looked into being in a coaching program for internet marketing before so I had no idea how much it was going to cost. I figured it had to be more than $97, which was around the amount most eBooks on internet marketing cost. But this wasn’t an eBook, it’s an actual coaching program with a very in demand coach! Was it going to be $5,000, $10,000 or even more? I was fearful of what the cost would be but knew I had to get in it because if anyone can coach and teach me, it had to be Alex Jeffreys.

My decision in investing

Alex had sent an email for those interested to be active on his blog by posting why we wanted to be coached by him. In addition, he was giving 5 spots to his coaching program for FREE. Still not knowing how much the coaching program was I immediately responded with a little bit about myself and why I wanted so badly to be coached. Unfortunately, I didn’t win one of the spots but I was still glad I participated as it gave me a chance to learn more about Alex. What really stuck out at me was the fact that he had replied to a majority of the posts and with over 800 comments that meant a lot. It showed that he cared and he was genuine and that confirmed in me that I had to get in his coaching program.

When I did find out how much the investment was I was surprised at how low it was compared to what I thought it was going to be. Although it was low I did not have the amount readily available to invest. Of course there was a sense of urgency and only limited spots available. I had really thought hard about it and knew I couldn’t give up but I asked myself “what should I do now”? A couple of days passed and I received another email that said there was a payment plan. “Yes” I thought and so I enrolled right away, even though the initial payment was still hard to make but I knew I needed to do this not only for me but for my family.

I knew that with Alex’s coaching and mentorship that I would have the following:

  1. A proven system that he had tested through trial and error
  2. Experience from a guy who’s been there and done that and knows what works
  3. Someone to hold me accountable even when times get bad
  4. Support from Alex and all of my fellow students
  5. A community in which we can ask questions, share ideas, thoughts and lift and encourage each other
  6. A platform through which I could build JV partnerships and life long friendships
  7. Obtain success by association and be around like minded people

I am so glad I have made this awesome decision to catapult my success in internet marketing. I know that this is a good investment as I have already learned so much. I have not only made a decision to invest in this program but also have made a decision to invest in myself. If we all realize that we made an investment in ourselves than we will treat it as such by having a plan in place, sticking to it and not let anything get in the way.

After all how many investments have you made in your lifetime in which you can confidently say I am going to be a success and I am going to make money with internet marketing by providing value and meaning to the lives of so many people? Not many up until now but I know that it will bring about positive change. So for those who have just begun on the journey of investing in yourself through this coaching program, may you stay focused and excel. And to those who are well on their journey in investing in themselves, may you be met with much success!

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My Brand Thu, 13 May 2010 15:45:02 +0000 Anna Haller

When coming up for a domain name for this blog, I thought about getting as my mentor Alex suggests but I also thought about how the name for his blog was a good concept and I wanted to copy the same for mine. For Alex, he said he was actually going to get but that was already taken so he had to think of another name. He was right on point with the name for his blog though as it has helped many people for the last couple of years be a success online and he has definitely made a name for himself.

In the Guru’s Nightmare report that I read by Alex Jeffreys which brought me to be a coaching student of his he mentions that the time is now for all the hypey guru’s out there to be crushed by the up and coming newbies as it really is the time to be serious and add true value to the lives of others as opposed to just selling crappy stuff out there to just make a buck. He mentions that with social media you really have to be a genuine person and care because if not than your name will be blasted and your reputation destroyed.

That rang true to me and I did not want to go online and make a bad name for myself so I have vowed to provide as much value as I can to as many people as I can and if I follow that rule than I will be successful. Thus the concept for my blog was born and so I picked, providing value through internet marketing. I want to build a brand that people can associate and remember me with. I know it’s a little too early in my internet marketing career to think that big, but hey if I don’t think I can than I won’t accomplish anything. It’s always good to think that I have made it and work backwards from there so that’s what I’m doing.

Value though may mean different things to different people. What one may consider valuable, another may not. My goal with this blog is to provide my experiences, and my quest to be a success online. I know I may not be able to please everyone and I am by no means trying to. What I want is to be able to touch at least one persons life and if I do that than I will be content.

Often times we are so caught up in our own lives, what we want for ourselves and what we need to do for ourselves, that it sometimes gets in the way of thinking about others. While it is a must to think about  yourself, it’s equally important to think about others, not just your friends and family but people you encounter on a daily basis. I wake up everyday and ask myself “how many people can I help today”? I am new to internet marketing and have a lot more learning to do but with the information that I have I want to be able to share it so that others can benefit and learn from it.

I know that providing value can be done as it is evident in what Alex Jeffreys does and if everyone remembers this and applies it to everything you do in life, not just internet marketing, you will be rewarded tenfold for it.

What do you do to provide value to others? Do you seek to give and don’t ask for anything in return or do you always ask what’s in it for me?

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