When coming up for a domain name for this blog, I thought about getting www.annahaller.com as my mentor Alex suggests but I also thought about how the name for his blog was a good concept and I wanted to copy the same for mine. For Alex, he said he was actually going to get www.alexjeffreys.com but that was already taken so he had to think of another name. He was right on point with the name for his blog though as it has helped many people for the last couple of years be a success online and he has definitely made a name for himself.

In the Guru’s Nightmare report that I read by Alex Jeffreys which brought me to be a coaching student of his he mentions that the time is now for all the hypey guru’s out there to be crushed by the up and coming newbies as it really is the time to be serious and add true value to the lives of others as opposed to just selling crappy stuff out there to just make a buck. He mentions that with social media you really have to be a genuine person and care because if not than your name will be blasted and your reputation destroyed.

That rang true to me and I did not want to go online and make a bad name for myself so I have vowed to provide as much value as I can to as many people as I can and if I follow that rule than I will be successful. Thus the concept for my blog was born and so I picked www.valuableinternetmarketing.com, providing value through internet marketing. I want to build a brand that people can associate and remember me with. I know it’s a little too early in my internet marketing career to think that big, but hey if I don’t think I can than I won’t accomplish anything. It’s always good to think that I have made it and work backwards from there so that’s what I’m doing.

Value though may mean different things to different people. What one may consider valuable, another may not. My goal with this blog is to provide my experiences, and my quest to be a success online. I know I may not be able to please everyone and I am by no means trying to. What I want is to be able to touch at least one persons life and if I do that than I will be content.

Often times we are so caught up in our own lives, what we want for ourselves and what we need to do for ourselves, that it sometimes gets in the way of thinking about others. While it is a must to think about  yourself, it’s equally important to think about others, not just your friends and family but people you encounter on a daily basis. I wake up everyday and ask myself “how many people can I help today”? I am new to internet marketing and have a lot more learning to do but with the information that I have I want to be able to share it so that others can benefit and learn from it.

I know that providing value can be done as it is evident in what Alex Jeffreys does and if everyone remembers this and applies it to everything you do in life, not just internet marketing, you will be rewarded tenfold for it.

What do you do to provide value to others? Do you seek to give and don’t ask for anything in return or do you always ask what’s in it for me?

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