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We’ve all heard the saying “people don’t plan to fail they just fail to plan”. Have you really heeded this advice and have a plan in place to reach your goals or are you aimlessly figuring out what to do in your head still?

Planning is essential in all aspects of life. It helps you stay on track with your goals and propels you to take action. We have been planning all our lives if you think about it, just not in the sense of the way we perceive planning to be.

Planning is thinking about a desired goal and the action and/or activities that you are going to do to reach them. It is however, one thing to think about them in your head but it’s another to actually write them down and have a clear and concise road map in place. In addition, when you plan, you are making time limits for yourself which in turn forces you to take action.

I like to relate it to going to a place you’ve never been before. Would you just get in your car and drive to your destination without any directions? There is a possibility, notice I say possibility that you will get there if you stop and ask for directions or just follow the signs. On the other hand you might not get there at all or even end up on the opposite side of where you intended to be. However, if we had a set of directions or a plan to get to our destination then we would’ve arrived sooner. Don’t get me wrong, there will be distractions and roadblocks along the way and your plans may have to change but as long as you keep in mind of what your future should look like and what you want out of life then you will make plans to get there no matter what.

I have recorded a three part video on what has helped me plan my day more effectively. Once I started implementing these to my daily routine I have found that they have made me more productive. Consistency is important so don’t forget to really take the time every day to plan for tomorrow. So unlock the key to your success and start planning!

Of course these are what have helped me but what about you? Do you have any other techniques or methods in planning that have worked for you? Please share your comments below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 – Please click here to watch it on YouTube

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