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With one more week to go in the contest for Alex Jeffreys coaching students it is crunch time for everyone. It’s also a reminder to keep the momentum going and to simply take action. As promised, here is an update to what I have done this past week as well as a special surprise at the end.

To start off with I’d like to share what my Google Analytics stats are as of me writing this post:

As you can see from the stats I actually doubled my visits in a weeks time from 332 to 661. Not bad considering it took me two weeks to get to 332. In addition, the highest I got as far as visitors are concerned was on Thursday May 27 which was expected as I did something which I’ll tell you in about in a little bit that caused that. I received 108 visitors that day.

So what have I been doing?

This is what I had committed to last week when I set my goals:

  1. More oil-rig hopping but to other internet marketing blogs – I didn’t do as much as I wanted but I still managed to dedicate about an hour to two hours a day on this.
  2. Guest posting to at least 3-5 other blogs by the end of the contest – This is what caused the increase in traffic for me! I sent three emails on Sunday to guest post on some blogs I had discovered back in January. They were blogs pertaining to living in the Philippines, specifically geared towards expats and or retirees, which you’ll find a lot of here in this beautiful tropical island. I got responses to two of them the next day and they both agreed so I started writing two different articles for both sites. I spent most of my Monday on this as I had promised to have it to them the next day. You can find one of my posts at Live In The Philippines. According to Alexa this site is ranked 4,577 in the Philippines and 116,795 in the US. They have a loyal readership as you can tell by the comments. I want to thank Bob Martin for allowing me to post on his blog. He has even offered to allow me to write a weekly article too which I am seriously thinking about. As a side note the idea for the picture was all Bob, he asked me for a couple of photos but I didn’t realize he was going to plaster the huge one right in the middle of the article:) The next blog I posted to was Untwisted Vortex. According to Alexa this site is ranked 2,505 in the Philippines and 59,964 in the US. It’s interesting though as I had thought I would get more traffic from Untwisted Vortex as well as more comments but the opposite is true. I had quite a few people comment to my Live In The Philippines article but not to the other one. Also, I have received a total of 108 visitors from Live In The Philippines and not much from the other. My post for Live In The Philippines was published on Thursday May 27, which is what caused the increase in traffic that day. So if you ask me guest posting does really work in driving traffic to your blog. Go out and find blogs in your niche or with a different spin on it like I did and ask if you can guest post. Simple and easy.
  3. Submit my articles to Ezine and write 3 more by the end of this week – I had submitted the three articles I had on this current blog along with 4 other articles that I wrote. Unfortunately only 2 of them got accepted and I will have to work on tweaking the other 5 that got denied. The ones that got denied were because they do not allow the promotion of your company or product in the article body. I did manage to write another article which is still pending at the moment so we’ll see how that goes. Have not had a lot of page views on my live articles but I’m sure traffic will trickle in sooner or later.
  4. Record a video and post it to YouTube and my blog by the end of this week – YES, I finally did it, I recorded a video! Not the best quality as I tried using my webcam on my Mac but that just wasn’t working out so I enlisted my 8 year old, soon to be 9 years old in two days, to help me record the video with the video option on our camera. That could be why the quality looks the way it does. I must invest in a better camera, either that or just try to do it with my Mac. It is live on YouTube.
  5. Create a Squidoo lens page by the end of this week - I created my Squidoo page with only one lens so far but I’m glad I went in and actually created one. It’s a step in the right direction. I plan on writing more lenses though. Not sure if I am receiving traffic from this source at this point but again it’s one of those things that we’ll just have to wait and see.

Tactics I will be implementing this week

  1. More oil rig hopping to other internet marketing blogs.
  2. Get more active in other internet marketing forums.
  3. Post 3 more articles on Ezine by the end of this week.
  4. Guest post to 1-2 more blogs by the end of the contest.
  5. Record another video and post it to YouTube by the end of the contest.

So there you have it, all of the things that have been keeping me busy this past week. I know one big question everyone may be having is if I have made any sales yet? The answer to that question is no not yet. At this point I am building my reputation so to speak and sharing my journey into internet marketing, which is a real one at that. That is the whole point to me documenting this. It’s to let everyone out there know that this is not an easy road. It takes hard work, determination, perseverance, a focused mindset, planning, implementing, and basically everything you have in you. This is a test to see if you have what it takes to follow through and stick with it. So don’t cave in because success is just around the corner. Prove you are worth it and push through every obstacle that comes along and eventually your dream will be realized.

And now my surprise to you, the video that I recorded. This is my first video, one of many that I will be recording. You can definitely see where I edited the video. If you ask my son, he says it’s his “masterpiece” (so sweet). Enjoy!

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